Stash IPA: A brew of a different color

Published on December 14th, 2012

Stash IPA bottlesWorking on the production line can be a challenge. Not because of the heavy lifting, the looming threat of some catastrophic mechanical failure, or the possibility that our cellarman might queue up a jazz-fusion playlist on Spotify, but because everyday I have to watch one of my favorite beers in the world cycle by me a case a minute — and I can’t even kick back and enjoy a few… or more. But that’s perfectly fine. In fact, it’s comforting to know that when I clock in at the beginning of the day, only ten hours separates me from one of the most delicious, most well-balanced brews that I have ever had the privilege of tasting: Stash I.P.A.

I love Stash. I love it so much, I decided to write a paean to it while drinking it. Brutally hoppy (Columbus, Cascade, Nugget, and Galaxy) but with a delicate flavor-profile that smacks of citrus and resinous spice, Stash is a hophead’s ticket to paradise. I’m hard pressed to find an American I.P.A as balanced, as clean and as drinkable as Stash — and it doesn’t hurt that it’s ABV hovers somewhere around 7.5%. I take a four-pack home with me every night; my friends determine whether or not they want to hang out with me based on how many I have in my fridge; romantic relationships have blossomed because of it — and more than a few have crumbled in its glorious wake (sensitive palates need not apply).

But to write about Stash is easy. To experience Stash — now that’s a brew of a different color. And that’s why I set out to accomplish a simple task: to sing the praises of Stash in exactly 400 words, finishing a bottle for every 100 words written.

A burdensome task, I know. But I suppose somebody has to do it.

And after savoring it’s numerous complexities and subtleties (four times), after gracing my palate with it’s divine presence (four times), what I’ve concluded — no, what I’m certain of — is that Stash is the ultimate beer. I spend upwards of twenty hours a week bottling and packaging it, but I have yet to grow tired of it’s aroma, it’s flavor, it’s complexity. It’s the first beer I recommend to patrons when they stop by for our monthly tour-day. It’s a beer that I’d buy for myself at a bar — heck, it’s a beer I’d buy for the guy sitting next to me at the bar. It’s a product that I’m proud to stand behind, and a brew that I’m even happier to drink. And drink again… and again and again.

So what are you waiting for? I want you to want Stash. So swing by the grocery store and give it a try. Or if you see me out and about, allow me to purchase you a pint. Just because I work around it doesn’t mean I can’t love it — and just because you haven’t tried it yet doesn’t mean you won’t love it too.

Well look at that… 500 words. I told you I loved this stuff.

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