Raising Funds for Brewery Expansion

Published on January 10th, 2013


The Austin Business Journal posted a short article on Christmas Eve proclaiming,

Independence Brewing downs $110K financing
Independence Brewing Co. Inc. received $110,000 of a planned $800,000 financing. The Austin-based company collected the capital from three investors, according to a Friday filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

We didn’t realize we were making headlines!

JV Northwest brewhouseWhile there have been plenty of “brewmors” (thanks Austin Beer Guide) afloat about our expansion, we thought we should set the record straight. We are excited to get our new 60 Barrel (1860gallons) JV Northwest brewhouse, which is being welded as I type.

We have gone just about as far as is possible with our little old 14 Barrel (431gallons) brewhouse. After years of telling Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth to wait just a little bit longer to get Independence beer, we’re looking forward to being able to deliver.

We are actively working on completing funding, approaching the half-way mark as of the first week in January. We are getting the word out that there is an opportunity to invest in Independence Brewing Co. So if you’ve ever wanted to be part of a booming brewery, now is the time!

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    […] in January we shared the news that we are working on expanding the brewery. We are adding 10,000 sq ft of warehouse space and […]

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