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Independence Pale

Independence Pale Stats

Style: American Pale Ale
Alcohol by volume: 5.6%
Original Gravity: 14°
Bitterness units: 65
Yeast: American Ale/Chico
Hops: Cascade, Summit, Delta
Malts: American Two-Row, Munich, Caramel 20, Barley Flakes
Availability: Year Round, Draft & 6-packs
Food Pairing: Tex-Mex, pizza

Bright, bold, and hoppy…Independence Pale is a true Texas Pale Ale. Bright golden in color, it’s brewed with the finest pale malts and Pacific Northwest hops. Then it’s dry-hopped with generous amounts of Cascade hops, along with a touch of Summit and Delta hops for a distinctive citrus aroma and dry finish with just the right lingering grapefruity hop flavor.

Inspired by the unlikely heroes of Texas who had the courage, tenacity and self-reliance to go into the wild in search of something better. Independence Pale Ale is a tribute to unlikely heroes – ordinary men and women who were willing to take a stand. It’s for the battle cry of Gonzales, “Come and take it!”  It’s for Angelina Eberly, the inn keeper who saved Austin with a single cannon shot.

Raise your glass to Independence – a beer as free as Texas!