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Independence ESB

Independence ESB Stats

Style: Extra Special Bitter
Alcohol by volume: 6%
Bitterness units: 44
Yeast: English Ale
Hops: East Kent Goldings, Fuggles
Malts: Maris Otter, Munich, Belgian Special B, Barley Flakes
Availability: Draft Only, November-January
Food Pairing: Aged Cheddar

Independence ESB tap handle and pintA beautiful copper color, Independence ESB (Extra Special Bitter) was formulated to be true to the traditional English style.  While the name suggests something very bitter this beer is all about balance. Maris Otter and Munich malts impart bready and toasty caramel malt flavors that delicately balance earthy English hops.

Available on draft only, look for it at a bar near you!