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Besides making it look better, how has our tasting room changed?

While 2014 was the year we moved into our new production space and celebrated our 10th Anniversary, we are still busy making changes and we’re dead set on making 2015 even better! That’s what brewers do, we are constantly tinkering, adjusting, and improving.

At the beginning of 2015, we set the goal for improving our tasting room. Our mission was to create a better space for gathering to enjoy beer (aka hang out) and learn about beer through occasional beer classes, foodie events, film screenings, and other ideas we haven’t even imagined yet. We were fortunate to have a great designer and the support of a community-driven funding effort to help our cause.

While not every single design element was completed, we are very excited about the progress we’ve made in transforming our beat up old tasting room into a new space that is ready to host 10 more years of good times. We ask you, our guests and friends, to transition with us and give us feedback!

It’s hard to make changes – but after 10 years and some major legislative rule changes – we are excited to be able to offer a wider variety of offerings in our tasting room. You will NOT need to purchase a glass to enjoy a beer in our tasting room. Instead, we are proud to offer beer in 4 oz samplers or flights, 10 oz and 16 oz pours.  Because we’ve been known to draw a crowd, we will also sell our beer by the can (for quick service outside).

We are excited that everyone is excited! We are also nervous because we want this change to be smooth and our execution perfect. All we ask is that you bear with us if we are human (not perfect) and share your feedback as we embark on our new tasting room experience.


The new pricing allows for samplers of our classic and limited releases, both 10 oz and 16 oz of our classic and limited releases, and 10 oz pours for any beer that is over 8% ABV. No longer are you beholden to a strict buy the glass scheme. We encourage visitors to sample flights as well as full pints!

Here is a link to our menu and pricing for Feb 21st.


One of the things we heard the most from people last year is that they wished the tasting room would be open more often, especially on the weekends. We listened! Our new tasting room hours (commencing on Feb 21st) are: Thursdays: 4-8 pm, Fridays: 4-9 pm, and Saturdays 1-7 pm.


This month we will be showing off our Lupulust Tripel and Hoppy Diver Session IPA. We will post about special casks we tap from week to week. We are also very excited about the 3.5 bbl pilot brew system that we’re installing to offer unique beers for the tasting room later in the spring. We will always have something worthy of making a trip to the brewery for you to try.


We love our dogs, and yes, we are guilty of wanting to bring them everywhere (we get it). The rules are that all dogs must remain on leash, and dogs are not allowed in the production area. this means the outside area, and you will not be able to bring your dog on a tour. If your dog loves to go everywhere you go, then please, bring what you need for your dog (water bowl, leash). And please respect other guests by keeping your dog on a leash.


Any outside alcohol – it’s against our permit!

Outside glassware – since we are not selling a glass, we don’t need you to bring a glass. We have plenty! We are now charging for beer by 4 oz, 10oz, 12 oz, 16 oz offerings.

Sad faces – the brewery is a happy place. Please consult a team member if you need a free high five!


Aside from the time we changed our pricing from $5 a glass to $7 a glass back in 2008, this will likely be the craziest change for our most loyal friends. While I am old enough to remember this, most of you are not. The brewery has to change with the times and we know deep down y’all want us to be able to pay our bills and keep making great beer! Our most frequent guests should check out our Mug Club, which offers superb discounts and member benefits. Word to the wise, no need to bring your glass from now on.






Tasting Room Renovation Crowdfund Update

The back cabinets and lab have been demolished, and the mural has been temporarily relocated. The new tasting room walk-in has been installed as well as new dry wall, and our new bar cabinets are on their way!

We could still use your help — our crowdfunding campaign ends on February 10, and we still have quite a way to go! We are not quite 1/3 to our goal.

By contributing to this fundraising effort, you are helping us get this renovation “fast tracked” at a time when we are focused on costs associated to our new 60 BBL production capacity brewhouse.

Expanded hours, new pricing that will feature flight selections from 14 different taps! With the arrival of our 3.5 BBL pilot system in mid-spring, we will also be offering special releases that will only be available in our tasting room.

Check out our Indiegogo crowdfund campaign page for more updates. You can also follow the progress on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Support Independence Brewing Co. efforts to create a comfortable environment for our community

Independence Brewing has seen a lot of growth and changes since we started in 2004. We could not have grown the brewery and continued to do what we love without the support of the community.

As we enter this next chapter, we want to involve the community even more in achieving our goals. We’ve reached our major goal of installing a new brewing system, but we still have much to do. First and foremost, we want to make our tasting room a more comfortable environment for our friends and community to enjoy beer. Our goals are to increase the number of taps, improve the bar and tables, and most importantly, we want to recognize our supporters through this fundraising effort.

We’ve come us with some really cool ideas for how you can be a part of our new tasting room. From a special, limited release glass or t-shirt, a Mug Club membership, your name emblazoned on our wall of stars, a dedicated chair at the locals table, to the opportunity to brew a special release beer of your own. We hope you will support us in any way you can: